5-8 APRIL 2018

Besides the spectacular nature and the sea, you have another reason to visit Alacati; ALACATI HERB FESTIVAL.

The festival, which has countless herbs on display from all over the Aegean, hosts tourists and aficionados in Alacati since 2010. This year it wasn’t hard to estimate how fun the festival was going to be, just by looking at its cortege. At the festival, which had the Ivy/Asparagus theme, we were welcomed with unique tasting herb dishes, jams, muffins, appetizers and salads. The guests filled their tummies with iconic Aegean herbs such as blessed thistle, hibiscus, erodium, radicco, wild radish and pickles; while filling their souls with classical music.

Counters selling all kinds of hand made goods are another joyful reason to pay a visit to the festival.

9. Alacati Herb Festival, which took place between 5-8 April, hosted gourmets, authors and bloggers with a wide spectrum of tastes. Various chats, art and photography exhibitons made the guests leave full of unforgettable and colorful memories.